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A network-based consulting partnership located in Palermo (IT), Atelier Studio Associato accompanies local, regional and European authorities, businesses and citizens in capturing the potentials of social and technological innovation to build sustainable futures. Together with its industrial, training, research and policy partners, Atelier works in initiatives of transnational cooperation in different domains financed by the European Union on the one hand, and in local community and development initiatives on the other.

The Atelier partnership brings together a rich array of experiences in EU projects, a broad understanding of ICT-based innovation processes and a deep knowledge of the local context, as regards both the political and economic spheres and the social and cultural potentials of its citizens and businesses.

Atelier’s work in European projects includes: policy and pilot action research in key issues such as organisational innovation processes, territorial governance, electronic commerce, multiculturality and network-building and business innovation methodologies; the development and guidance of multidisciplinary partnerhips at the regional and trans-European level; the design and implementation of innovative services; and consultancy support to public and private organisations – ranging from various departments of the Regional government to spontaneous networks of small businesses - aiming to implement innovative development projects.

At the local level, Atelier works towards the development of both social and economic networks, through initiatives that range from the experimentation of new forms of participatory democracy to the design of new systems for territorial logistics or the use of new technologies to revive traditional handicrafts.

Atelier partners have published widely in books and reviews both sector-oriented and of general interest and have participated as speakers in numerous national and international workshops and conferences. Above all, they have established network and partnership relations with hundreds organisations of varying nature both in Sicily and throughout the European Union.

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